Looking at this list, you would think Onyx is falling apart right before your eyes. She is in great shape and solid as her name suggests, just high maintenance. This is what it will take to make her shine and ready for cruising.

Engine & Propulsion
replacing transmission cable
to do
Replace water pump
Install oil pressure alarm
Clean  corrosion and paint engine
Replace engine meter
Replace engine mounts
Clean fuel tanks
Calibrate tank tender
Create back up repair kits
Oil change
Coolant flush
Primary fuel filter change
Secondary fuel filter change
Oil filter change
Clean air filter
Clean seawater intake
Replace impeller
Replace belt
Replace engine zinc
Replace propeller zinc

Replaced propeller zincs,
cleaned bottom 10.14, 4.14
Full engine service 1.14
Replaced transmission cable 1.14
Replaced packing gland 9.13
Replaced propeller zinc 9.13


avg fuel consumption .75 g/hr @1200 rpm, 6 knots
range 560 miles


Sails & Rigging
my spinnakermy custom and very bright storm sailclimbing the mast
to do
Rerig main sheet
Rerig reefing lines
Add bigger pad eyes on boom
Replace gooseneck shackle
Fix sail gate in mast
Replace jib sheets
Replace clamps in boom
Replace winch at mast with self-tailing
Add winch handle holder at mast
Run halyard to cockpit
Replace block in cockpit
Build step at mast
Inspect chain plates
Inspect standing rigging
Rig removable inner stay
Replace halyard shackles
Service roller furler
Repair backup main sail
Repair genoa
Service main sail
Add bigger winch in cockpit
Sew reefing webbing and o-rings
Create back up and repair kits
Replace anchor shackles
Measure & inspect chain and rode
Replace wind vane gaskets
Add two fenders
Replace dock lines
Get 56′ spring line
Service winches
Service tracks
Serviced starboard winch 7.14
Replaced sail track gate 1.14
Washed spinnaker 11.13
Remounted wind vane 10.13
Climbed and inspected mast 10.13
Serviced staysail 9.13
New custom storm sail 9.13
Inspected main sail 9.13
Inspected chain plates 9.13
New mainsail halyard 8.13
Deck, Hull, Cabin, Galley
bottom painting in the boatyardname onhull beforeshiny hull after polishrefitting the bowspritrefitting the bowspritrepainting and screening doradewhat a difference a polish makescabin before cabin after
to do
Replace port side through hull
Repaint bottom (2015)
Polish SS and brass hardware
Redo bright work
Seal deck cracks
Build cabinets in v-berth
Install locks
Fix companionway doors
Fix cabin hatch handles
Reglass and reseal portholes
Remove speakers from cockpit
Replace missing enclosure panel
Sew staysail cover
Sew windless cover
Replace bulk head lining
Paint v-berth
Service refrigerator, fix freezer
Polish gel coat
Replace zincs
Refill propane
Polish cabin woodwork
Oil cockpit teak
Stripped & sanded toe rail 10.14
Varnished handrails 10.14
Filled propane 10.14
Polished hull 5.14
Polished hardware 4.14
Filled propane 4.14
Oiled cabin floor 2.14
Cabin makeover, cushions, curtains, cabinets 1.14
Polished gel coat 10.13
Repainted & screened dorades  10.13
Rebedded first portside stanchion 9.13
Replaced 2 fire extinguishers 9.13
New flares 9.13
Reseal bowsprit, remounted windless, new hardware 9.13
Resealed hatch cover 9.13
Sealed fuel air vents 9.13
Replaced zincs 9.13
Painted bottom, 3 coats 9.13
to do
Inspect and clean water tank
Hook up anchor wash
Install foot pump
Test sump pump

Flush holding tank
Replace holding tank plumbing

Replace water filters
Replace bilge pump filters
Clean bilge

Sealed water tank leaks 1.14
Replaced galley faucet 12.14
Replaced water filter 11.14
Replumbed cockpit drains 9.13
Installed head anti-siphon valve 9.13


avg water consumption 75 g/2 wks
excluding showers & laundry

Electronics & Instruments
to do
Connect solar panels to control panel
Fix steaming light
Fix deck light
Fix starboard cabin light
Rewire berth outlets and lights
Remove old outlets
Add backup engine battery
Add  A/C outlet in galley
Create consumption rates table
Rebuild instruments at helm
Rebuild nav station
Repair backup depth sounder
Install anemometer
Reposition radar mount
Measure draft
Recalibrate radar
Secure batteries
Test and equalize batteries
Tested SSB and radar 10.13
Installed new GPS antenna 9.13
Replaced autopilot control board 9.13
Rewired nav station 9.13

37° 47′ 3″ N      122° 16′ 2″ W

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