in the first month or so

“The first day seemed like a week and the second day seemed like five days. And the third day seemed like a week again and the fourth day seemed like eight days…”
For the first time ever I found that I really need to keep a calender, ironically enough now that all of my time is mine. Without the bookends of weekends or the steady lineup of work activities and to-dos to sort, order, and sequence in my brain, I seem to have lost the ability to anticipate and track time. I am digging the new pace and am having a hard time imagining it being any other way.
One or two to-dos a day is just about right. I get to pick them and I say laundry counts as one. Filling the space in between like sand is research, reading, writing, studying, gardening, smoking, driving, sorting the closet, thinking, and planning.
All in all a most productive and relaxing month or however long it’s been. Citizenship, SoCal road trip, boat shopping, sailing, seminars, volunteering…
And for the record, I am not sure why I keep quoting The Jerk. May be time to revisit a classic.

songsOctopus’s Garden —The Beatles