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with wind and water

Goat Rock Beach, California


If I am to move with the water, I must learn to feel the wind.
Just as children we would stand still as stone in the rushing river for fear of being carried away for knowing even stones are moved by the water.





      Two Stones In My Pocket — Neil Halstead

making connections

International Rescue Group - Boat in progressSpent a lovely day Sunday volunteering with International Rescue Group to restore a donated boat planned for coastal rescue and disaster recovery in Panama. My tasks…paint the cabin walls and pound scraps of lead sheets flat to ultimately fill the keel. It was so refreshing to get out of the old routines and connect with people passionate about sailing, and all for a great cause.

Reminds me of another organization I helped with long ago (1998?) with similar mission and charter…AIDSail led by the very inspirational Chrissy Murto. They were committed to providing medical services, education, and all kinds of support to remote coastal communities.

AIDSail website
I can’t believe I found a screenshot of the AIDSail site in my files…circa 1998?

My small contribution was to design and maintain the web site. I was especially proud of the the header with the waves. Those were the early days of web design and playing with hand coding html in BBedit. I have often thought of Chrissy and where she may be and hope to find her again on land or at sea.

So many convergences in life…it’s hard to only believe in chance. Chrissy and AIDSail crew also helped in the aftermath of Katrina and I crossed paths with Ray, the founder of IRG, as a fortuitous outcome of a unplanned life event which had sent me looking for an apartment.

“The new phonebook’s here!”

Great mail day with special delivery.

The first batch of sailing books are here. Let the learning begin. Excited to soak it all in…

Chapman Piloting, Seamanship & Small Boat Handling by Elbert S. MaloneyChapman Piloting, Seamanship & Small Boat Handling

The Cruising Life by Jim Trefethen The Cruising Life: A Commonsense Guide for the Would-Be Voyager

The Annapolis Book of Seamanship by John Rousmaniere The Annapolis Book of Seamanship


Bonus…my divorce record. Thank you NY Department of Health for the speedy and hassle-free service. Onto next step for the citizenship application.


And so it begins…planning for life at sea

expense models with or without debt, on land or at sea, with or without income, start up costs
expense models with or without debt, on land or at sea, with or without income

Two weeks of research and plotting…I have learned enough to know that I should register my boat after I become a citizen and that I should find a harness and life jacket for Jake. It’s about the details.
I have also put together all the living on land and at sea scenarios and what it takes to make them happen…how much, how long, working, not working, living aboard, cruising part time, cruising forever…I would call it the cost of sailing but it’s much less deterministic than all that. Choices.

Building the models itself was very rewarding. I was 8 hours into it before I even realized.  Pretty proud of the outcome…simple lists of incomes and expenses, mixed up into scenarios, and strung along a timeline horizon all embedded with elements of chance and the expectations of a quality of life.

financial plan to get to cruising by year end
financial plan to get to cruising by year end

My very own financial tide chart.
I couldn’t resist.